CFO Support


An outsourced Finance Director as and when you need it.


This flexible solution is designed to provide the ongoing level of support a smaller business needs at only a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time Finance Director.   This gives our clients access to important financial insights and advice for their business precisely when they need it.


We provide several packages for ongoing CFO-level support for your business.  These range from 1 day per quarter through to 4 days a month.

Our Services

CFO support

Operating &

Financial reviews

Accounting Services


Strategic Planning

We are already helping a number of clients in the following areas:


  • Attendance at quarterly/monthly board meetings;

  • On call support for business owners, senior leaders and the finance team;

  • Assistance with M&A activities;

  • Cash flow forecasting and the identification of funding gaps;

  • Assistance in dealing with bankers, auditors and other professional advisors;



  • Review and monitoring of KPI’s;

  • Preparation of accounts, board packs and other reports;

  • Guidance on specific finance and accounting issues;

  • Mentoring for existing finance teams; 

  • Managing the Finance function.