Operating & Financial Reviews



Are your business and its finance function ready for the next step? 


Does your finance function and your management information provide you with the data you need to run your business?


If you’re looking to exit, will your systems and finances stand up to the rigour of a thorough due diligence exercise?


A quick and simple review by one of our team can provide the comfort you need or highlight areas of concern and provide recommendations to resolve any issues.




We take time to understand your business its key drivers, current issues and future plans.  We help ensure the data being delivered to decision makers is both relevant and delivered on a timely basis.


By focusing on:


  • KPI review, implementation, monitoring and analysis;
  • the use of technology and outsourcing in delivering enhanced capability;
  • the interaction between the finance and operating functions; 
  • the data being delivered to decision makers being both relevant and delivered on a timely basis;


we can ensure that the building blocks are in place for senior leaders to make the best possible decisions for the business.



The proliferation of cloud services, mobile applications and outsource providers mean that there are now a myriad of ways to run any business.  However, whilst many businesses embrace change we find that the mid and back-office functions are often left behind until the need becomes more urgent.


These advances have allowed finance teams to do so much more than pay employees, raise and process invoices and produce accounts.  The best teams are able to support the key decision makers by providing real insight into the business on a timely basis, whilst also being able to adapt to its ever-changing needs.


Focusing on the ultimate goals of the business, we work with business leaders and existing teams to develop and implement solutions that are sufficiently sophisticated, to enable the finance function to add value to the business, whilst maintaining control and remaining compliant.

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