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Financial Consulting

Finoptus Consulting provides financial expertise to support business owners and leaders in their key decision-making processes.

Focusing on the ultimate goals of the business, Finoptus also works with business leaders and existing teams to develop and implement solutions that enable the Finance function to add value to the business, whilst maintaining control and remaining compliant.

We recognise that SME’s don’t always have access to the relevant expertise, especially when dealing with issues outside of the day-to-day running of the business or finance functions.  Therefore, we offer a range of services to support or supplement your existing team.

Why Us

Accounting Services

Finoptus has experience of managing back-office teams and providing strategic advice throughout the lifecycle of a business, whether starting-out, growing rapidly, restructuring or getting ready to exit.


Our award-winning team comes with a proven track recorded of making significant cost and efficiency savings, improving working capital management, developing new business solutions and achieving successful exits in a range of organisations from small SME to listed PLC.

CFO Support

Operating &

Financial reviews

Strategic planning